Even two festivals are presented
to Lithuanians in the UK and in Ireland

2018 is really a special year for Lithuania and Lithuanians, scattered around the world. Since modern Lithuania has been celebrating its centenary anniversary, all of us have a unique opportunity to get together, to remember who we are and where we come from. This is a lifetime occasion, which we just have to mention and to celebrate happily all together.

The “We Can FFeel” team takes care that Lithuanians in the UK and in Ireland would not forget their roots and announces the grandiose Lithuanian centenary festivals on 30th June in Dublin and on 7th July in London.

The fair

Visitors will be invited to enjoy various attractions and contests for children and adults during both events in the festival area. The event will feature a fair and a market of Lithuanian cuisine, cold cask-conditioned beer and other dainties. The participants of the festival will experience several unexpected surprises, which will not allow to get bored both for adults and children.

Children's yard

A special attention will be paid on the little visitors to the event both during the London Festival and Dublin Festival. In order to ensure that not only parents, but also children would have a good time in the festival, the development of the children's yard is particularly well prepared.

The children's yard is a fenced area for the little ones that will be looked after by a lot of skilled professionals. It will be possible to find activities for different age groups in the yard, and parents will have the opportunity to leave their children for some time to be cared for by the professionals and to party without worries in a company of friends, knowing that their children are safe.

Children under 12 are admitted at a symbolic price only.


In the festival, an exclusive area with a separate entrance, seating area, best visibility, service and other exceptional amenities will be intended for VIP ticket holders.


For many years, Lithuanian events again and again have been facing the same problem - car parking. However, the guests of the centennial festivals will not have to worry about the safety or inconvenience of their vehicles. There will be comfortable parking areas that will be guarded and maintained in the event zone both in London and in Dublin.

People who are unable or unwilling to travel by their own means of transport, will be able to choose one of several different cities, where comfortable buses will be waiting for them. Passengers can arrive at the event and leave the event on these buses, while the “We Can FFeel” team promises really cheap tickets that can be purchased soon along with the event tickets.

The place of the centenary festival

London - Goodmayes Park Recreation Grounds is a neat and spacious park in East London with convenient access and beautiful nature.

Dublin - the Fairyhouse Racecourse is one of the most famous horse racing stadiums in Ireland, providing exceptional possibilities for VIP customers, having the tribunes, protected from rain, with comfortable access, and well-kept environment.



The “We Can FFeel" team has the staff with many years of experience that organizes various kinds of events and collaborates with world-renowned event professionals. The team's ambitions are limitless and the goals, set for the future are even bigger.

We are proud to be able to contribute to the world-renowned projects. The part of the “We Can FFeel” team are Lithuanians, so when organizing international events, we do not forget Lithuanian roots. We always focus our attention on the safety, uniqueness and quality of events. We are constantly striving to be the leaders in making innovative solutions and reflecting global trends in event organization.

The "We Can FFeel" team loves its work and has been working in order to make the gathered people to celebrate high-quality celebrations.